The Lady of Pain

The Lady is sometimes seen as a floating, robed, monolithic, and gargantuan woman, with her impassive, expressionless face bracketed by an imposing mantle of sharpened blades. No one has ever heard her speak, although she can communicate through her servants, the dabus. She can will even the most hale and stalwart beings she comes into contact with to suffer pain of elephantine proportions with a simple gaze, and even something as superficially innocuous as tactile exposure to her shadow can send any being into rapid spasms of body-warping disintegration.

Her chief imperative never changes: Maintaining the balance of Sigil. When transgressors against this goal are not slain outright, they are involuntarily transported to one of an innumerable amount of densely convoluted magical mazes. Beyond this, what compels her to act—if anything—remains open to conjecture. On all other matters, she seems persistently apathetic.

The Lady is a largely ineffable enigma. Often, those who cross her path—even by accident—are either flayed to death, or, for reasons that remain unknown, teleported to one of her Mazes, in and of themselves constituting nigh inescapable pocket universes, located in the Ethereal Plane. Many rumors and legends purport that even estimably powerful deities have fallen before her. The Shattered Temple, located in Sigil, was once a very prominent fane dedicated to Aoskar, the god of portals. At one point, he attempted to bring the city under his control. When Aoskar did manage to accumulate some power, The Lady decided to intervene. Slaying him with a mere thought, her actions acted as an eponym, simultaneously shattering his fane and scattering its priests into her mazes in the process. The then-decrepit fane eventually became the headquarters of the Athar. At one point, there were numerous factions attempting to control various parts of Sigil, resulting in a thoroughly bloodied and relentlessly merciless war of attrition. Once the war had finally concluded, the devastation was immense. At this, The Lady elected to spontaneously appear. Emerging before a pacified amalgam of every faction’s leader, she commanded the factions to disband, or die, doing so through a dabus. The factions naturally acquiesced, and have honored this decision ever since. The vast majority of Sigil’s denizens dread The Lady’s apparitions. They vehemently avoid speaking her name, as they fear that this will draw her attention to them.

The Lady exerts omnipresent control over every portal in Sigil. This control is both undisputed and indisputable, and she utilizes it as she sees fit. The dabus are charged with task of city maintenance, as the streets of Sigil require constant inspection and upkeep. For all her power, the notion of deifying The Lady is vociferously abhorred in virtually every corner of the city. This is due to the taboo nature of her response to Worship: Any and all worshippers are gorily slaughtered by the Lady’s blades.

The Lady of Pain

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