The End

The End was “born” on one of the battlefields of The Planar Wars, in the aftermath of a clash between The Illithid Empire and The Suel Imperium. The Suel Goddess Beltar had taken to the battlefield and led the defeat of the illithids. Beltar was roaming the battlefield after her victory, taking joy in the destruction she had caused, when she was attacked by a illithid that had been in hiding. Beltar was taken by surprise and failed to defend herself from the attack, and the illithid was able to devour her brain. The act of a mind flayer taking a deity’s life in such a way had never before happened in history. In taking her brain the illithid also somehow absorbed her divine powers and portfolio. Undergoing both a physical and spiritual transformation, the illithid ceased to exist and was replaced by a being calling itself “The End”.

In appearance The End looks like a perfect illithid specimen. a pair of wicked flesh covered wings grow from it’s back.It’s skin is covered in strange glowing glyphs and it’s eyes have been replaced with a strange red glow.

The End suffered from an incredible “hunger” to devour other gods. In a quick pace it journeyed across The Planar Wars, attacking and slaying various deities in order to take their power. Some of the gods and goddess to fall to The End during this time include Nerull, Trelmarixian, Ehlonna, Surtr, and Pazuzu.

With The Planar Wars spiraling out of control, and the none of the remaining gods powerful enough to survive an attack from The End on their own, they came together and after much debate formed The Last Alliance. Although even this coming together of powers failed to stop The End, who still managed to defeat and kill Helm, Erythnul, and Boccob in a three on one battle.

In a last act of desperation, and much to the protest of certain gods, The Last Alliance began construction on the Soul Engine, a weapon of unparalleled power and cruelty. Using secrets known only to Iggwilv and Asmodeus, the Soul Engine collected the souls and spiritual energy of the millions of beings dying across the battlefields of The Planar Wars and focused it into a tight beam of energy, which could destroy even a being as powerful as The End. However before the weapon could be used The One appeared and passed judgment on the gods. Finding them unworthy, he reclaimed their power and portfolios, reverting them to mortal equivalents of there former selfs. This included The One, who was transformed back into an ordinary illithid.

After losing his powers this illithid has not been seen or heard from, his current whereabouts and plans remain unknown.

The End

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